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The nation's opioid epidemic continues to compromise the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. In response to the amounting crisis, OHRA has opened a new Clinical Services for Treating Pregnant and Parenting Women with opioid use disorder and their infants.


Emotional Health During and After Pregnancy

Every woman faces adjustments when she becomes a mother, but for 10 to 20 percent of women, the emotional and psychological changes brought on by pregnancy and childbirth may be more than they can handle alone. Women & Infants offers a full continuum of care for women dealing with depression or mood and anxiety disorders while pregnant and for those experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, or other mood issue

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When a patient at Women & Infants – either on one of the inpatient units or in the Emergency Department – is experiencing mental health issues, health care providers will generally ask for a consult through our Women’s Behavioral Health Consultation Liaison Service. Our team of mental health specialists collaborates with Women & Infants’ Department of Social Work, nursing staff and primary medical team to offer psychiatric consultation and suggest necessary services. Consultations are available 24 hours a day.

Inpatient Consultative Services

Intensive Mental Health Care

Our Summit Clinical Center offers more intensive mental health care for pregnant and postpartum mothers. The Center is a mother-baby unit meaning infants accompany their mother to each treatment day for the duration of their stay. The Center is a supportive environment led by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians who are experts in perinatal mental health. Our goal is to help patients understand that these negative feelings are not their fault, and to give them ways to overcome them.

Moms Legacy

Pregnancy and the postpartum period are especially vulnerable times for women with an opioid use disorder. That’s why Women & Infants has created Moms Legacy (Medication Assisted Treatment to Enhance Recovery). This unique model of care provides a safe place for pregnant and breastfeeding women with an opioid use disorder to seek compassionate and non-judgmental care in an office-based setting.

Our Ministry of "Restoring Hope to Addicted" has been changing the lives of some, women mothers, and expectant mothers who sought relieves through prayers and our services. With the assistance of God, we provide supportive serves to people with substance abuse disorders the ability to realize their true potential. We change the lives of volunteers, social workers, and advocates, giving them a meaningful outreach right in their own communities. We intervene in the following areas:

Outpatient Services

The Division of Women’s Behavioral Health also offers outpatient individual, family, and group therapy along with medication management. In addition to a perinatal focus, our outpatient services focus on a broader range of reproductive and life transition issues that impact a woman’s mental health and functioning.

OPIOID Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

Here at OHRA's Summit Ministry Center, we believe that no two addictions or two individuals are alike. As a result, we are committed to finding a treatment plan that best fits your particular needs. Helping you move past your addiction and lead a healthier life is our primary goal. The caring staff at our Summit rehab center takes the time to better understand your situation so that we can offer you a customized program. Read on to learn more about the many addiction treatment options we offer. Below you will find the Addiction Treatment Methods used at our Summit Ministry Center located at 2800 Westchester Ave, MD 21043.

Supportive Services

Our goal is to empower women, women mothers, and expectant mothers experiencing substance abuse disorders, achieve independence from Opioid trough a combination of therapeutic methods, trainings, personal development skills. Services include:​

  • Case management

  • Counseling

  • Housing for Women Mothers, and Expectant Mothers

  • Rehabilitation

  • Health Services


Patient Care Location

Your treatment will take place at Summit Ministry Center located at2800 Westchester Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043.

Health Information

Summit Ministry Center is your A-Z sources information pertaining to opioid disorders and conditions, tests and procedures, health and wellness information.

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